Videos On Mindfulness


1. Tony Robins-How to Find Yourself When You're Feeling Lost  (36 minutes)


2. Earl Nightingale- If you Learn this Your Life Will Never be the Same (32 minutes)


3. Jim Rohn- Don't Let Somebody Order Your Life (20 Minutes)


4. Jim Rohn- How to Become a Billionaire (11 minutes)


4. Wayne Dyer- Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose (13 minutes)


5. Wayne Dyer- Let Life Unfold Itself to You (13 Minutes)


6. Wayne Dyer- Control Your Thought and Mind (51 minutes)


7. Wayne Dyer- 101 Ways to Transform Your Life (56 minutes)


8. Deepak Chopra- The Most Powerful 12 Minutes Ever (12 minutes)


9. Alan Watts- This is Why You're Not Happy (7 minutes)


10.  Eckhart Tolle- Top 10 Rules for Sucess


11. Joeseph Clough- How to be Free of Fear/Anxiety and be Confident (8 minutes)


12. Jim Carrey- I Dare You to Ask the Universe (4 minutes)


13. Carl Sagan- This Speech will Change your Life


14. Simon Sinek - Find Your Why


15. Oprah- Powerful Inspiring Words that Speak to the Laws of Attraction (11 minutes)


16. John Assaraf- How to Prime Your Brain for Success while Brushing your Teeth (4 minutes)


17. Alison Ledgerwood- Getting Stuck in the Negatives and How to Get Unstuck (10 minutes)


18. Abraham Hicks- Expect Major Turnover in 2018 (15 minutes)


19.  Abraham Hicks- Uplift your Spirits by Repeating This (15 minutes)


20. Tarik's Art of Spirit- Best Summary of Quantam/Spiritual World (44 minutes)


21. FearlessSoul- Like Attracts Like (The law of attraction)  (4 minutes)


22. Video Advice- Use your Focus- Motivational video (Law of attraction) (3 minutes)