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The entire GearUp Curriculum is packaged on Google Sites, with easy downloads, clickable content, and simple navigation. Once permission is granted, educators have full access on Laptops, Tablets, and smart phones along with physical copies of each lesson and handout. 

Plus, each package comes with a DVD of HBO's riveting documentary Life According to Sam, an Official 2013 Sundance Selection. 

Bonus for Music Teachers and Marching Band Leaders:  Free Downloads of Keep Moving Forward, a music composition by Mark Miller and Burning Bright, a percussion piece by Don Albro written in honor of Sam Berns and his love of music. 


GearUp Curriculum Content Overview


Lesson 1:1 - Sam Berns: The Story of a Leader

Lesson 2: Introduction to Growth Mindset
Lesson 2:1 Mindset Check Up
Lesson 2: 2 Growth Mindset Video Essay

Lesson 3: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
Lesson 3:1 Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
Lesson 3:2 Mindset Role Play

Lesson 4: The Science Behind Growth Mindset
Lesson 4:1 How Do We Know the Brain Can Grow Stronger?

Lesson 5: The Importance of Making Mistakes
Lesson 5:1 The Crumpled Reminder
Lesson 5:2 Getting Ugly to Get Better
Lesson 5:3 Celebrating Failure
Lesson 5:4 Additional Classroom Activities 

Lesson 6: Growth Mindset Analyzed
Lesson 6:1 Growth Mindset Analyzed 

Lesson 7: Growth Mindset Plan
Lesson 7:1 Writing a Plan

Lesson 8: Empathy
Lesson 8:1 Empathy Survey
Lesson 8:2 What Would You Say or Do?
Lesson 8:3 A Time You Used Empathy
Lesson 8:4 Reflecting on Sam (Pair & Share)
Lesson 8:5 Tell Me Something 

Lesson 9: Taking Action
Lesson 9:1 Life According To Sam
Lesson 9:2 A Leader Will
Lesson 9:3 Listing Littler Good Things

Lesson 10: What's Stopping You?
Lesson 10:1 Looking at Obstacles
Lesson 10:2 Discovering an Interest

Lesson 11: Responsibility
Lesson 11:1 Finish the Sentence
Lesson 11:2 Responsible Be-haviors
Lesson 11:3 Sam's Mother Takes on Responsibility
Lesson 11:4 How to be a Responsible Person
Lesson 11:5 Write a Song
Lesson 11:6 Journal Writing
Lesson 11:7 Describe a Time

Lesson 12: Bystander
Lesson 12:1 What Would You Say or Do?
Lesson 12:2 Journal Writing/Pair and Share
Lesson 12:3 Play Acting


Material Preview:

Lesson 2:  Introduction to Growth Mindset

Lesson Objective: Learners will assess their own mindset and explain the difference between fixed and growth mindsets.

Teacher Notes: Introducing the GEARs

Students will be learning about the principle concepts embodied in Sam Berns’ life--concepts we call the GEARs. Refer back to page 6 of this curriculum for more explanation.

  • Growth Mindset

  • Empathy

  • Action

  • Responsibility

Through understanding and practicing the GEARs, we will begin building our classroom and school into a community of learners.

Teacher Notes: Introducing Growth Mindset

Growth mindset, the first GEAR, is the concept that is the foundation for attaining the goals we set for ourselves. It is based on the premise that EVERYONE has the ability to learn anything and that learning is a skill. Skills are built, not born.

We all have the potential to learn whatever we set our minds to. But it requires a Growth Mindset: the belief that we are capable of learning anything and the willingness work to achieve our learning goals.

Be aware that mastering Growth Mindset is a life-long process. We are all works in progress. If we want to sustain a Growth Mindset throughout our lives, we need both the desire and an awareness of the opportunities to learn, whether at work, school, home or out in the community.

Activity 2:1 The Mindset Check-up: (Found on the companion site under Growth Mindset 2:1)

This short survey will give you and your students an idea of where you all are on the mindset spectrum. (5-10 min to take survey and discuss)

  1. Distribute copies of the MINDSET CHECK UP or project the survey on the screen using the link provided. When they are finished, have the students tally their scores.
    Explain to students that nobody has a completely fixed or completely growth mindset. We all have a mix of the two, and that your mindset can change and develop. So we all have the ability to improve our mindsets.


2.    Click on the link and view Trevor Ragan’s

Growth Mindset Video Essay,

What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters (Trevor Ragan: Train Ugly.  (9 min)