March 19th, 2019

The Conference

We’re excited to be able to bring back the GearUp4Success conference to Flint!

The underlying goal of our program is to significantly increase the number of students who will graduate and give them the skills and mindset to succeed after high school. When we understand that intelligence is not limited, we succeed like never before.

Our speakers specialize in the development of a growth mindset—the belief that our abilities are not fixed but can be developed through passion, education, and persistence. They will provide you with the concepts and tools to help you foster a growth mindset in yourself and in those you serve.

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Speaker Highlights

More speakers are being added everyday!


Linnell Jones-McKennEy

Flint’s first professional women’s basketball player and Founder of School of Champions.


Travis Thomas

Speaker, Life Coach and Trainer helping others live a life of, “YES and…”


Kiara Tyler

Founder and CEO of Flint-based clothing company, Kalm Clothing LLC.

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